Friday, August 22, 2014

PRAYING for troubled Marriages

We have to work HARD daily in our MARRIAGES. Father today I pray for troubled marriages. Let us lift up married couples who may be facing divorce today! Together Lets pray LIKE NEVER BEFORE for RESTORATION in marriages. We want our marriages to survive and we want you to cover those who may need you Father. I pray that God reveals to ALL married couples that there is hope.

Marriage is honored by God, therefore it shouldn't be taken as lightly as the world has made it to be....I'd rather follow God than the world any day....I pray that all married couples will come into the knowledge of the All Mighty. Regardless of how hopeless things may seem right now, You can RESTORE and fight for your marriage. ARE YOU WITH ME?

I am praying for marriages everywhere. Only Jesus can heal and restore broken relationships, and if we love Jesus, we are called to be an example to others of his love, loving others as he loved us. So together lets pray for those of our marriages that need him. I pray they would truly come to know Christ in their marriages. 
God is good and I know that his love will sustain us all.

Divorce is always sad and painful and should never be mocked or made as though it is deserved. I'm praying for all that are going through a divorce. God loves and cares for you. Remember that! Lets continue to let this blog be one of uplifting AND encouraging the sanctity of marriages. Be good to one another.

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  1. Father watch over all the married couples today! Comfort them when they begin to loose hope, Help them to remember that, Your #Love is Greater than any disappointments they may face and that your dreams for their lives are better than anything they could have imagined.