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Good morning to all of the married couples this morning..Do you pray together as a couple? Do you believe in prayer? I truly believe in the POWER OF PRAYER...Never under estimate the power of a PRAYING WIFE...There is SOMETHING VERY POWERFUL ABOUT A PRAYING WIFE.

There is no better way to truly love your husband than by lifting him up in prayer daily...The two of you together will experience God's blessings and grace TOGETHER. The first lesson of marriage is to accept the fact that you can NOT change your husband...No you can not. Do not try..ONLY God can do that. You have to accept your spouse just the way he is and continue to LIFT HIM UP IN PRAYER. Pray that God will work on his heart. Easily said than done I know, But that is where FAITH comes in. You have to lean on faith here ladies.

You have to constantly PRAY about your MARRIAGE. Pray about your marriage TOGETHER and bring all of your needs directly to God. Try praying TOGETHER ladies and slowly watch YOUR MARRIAGE TRANSFORM. God Bless.

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  1. From someone with a little experience in this matter how much you try..And believe me I tried, You can not change your husband. Give up trying. I decided a long time ago to accept Mr. Johnson just the way he is. Snoring and all lol.
    Seriously, until I became saved I dwelled on this for some time. Talk about wasted energy. Turn it over to God Ladies, I did and my marriage is so much happier now.
    Thank you for this discussion.

  2. @Rene...AMEN...AMEN....I just continued to pray for Patrick and I continued to pray for our marriage. And for the record, there is no changing a stubborn man. Just love him and let God deal with his heart. So glad you shared here today Renee. Be my guest here at anytime. This blog is important to me and If one person is touched by my blog...Then its worth it. God bless you and your husband.

    1. What a difference a year makes Lashon. I wrote to you over a year ago and BOY!!! has my circumstance changed. Is it possible to send you a private email again?

    2. If you still need to contact me my email is

  3. Couples tha pray together...stay together...

  4. I like that @Joyce...Thank you for taking the time to post here on my Blog! God Bless

  5. What a great article Lashon...Often times we lose sight of who holds the glue in the family...the spouse or a significant other and how important prayer is in that marriage.

  6. This is a great post I am going to share the link on my blog. I've been married for a very long time and it wasn't until this year I realize prayer and lifting your hubby up to God it a recipe to every event in your marriage.

  7. Hello Lashon,

    My Husband and I met online about a year ago and got married three months after. I am 35 and he is 39. We love each other but I bought past baggage into our marriage unknowlingly. At the time that we met, I lived in NC and he lived in WV. I am still in NC and he is still in WV. We made plans for me to move, he came to my home several times and took boxes and clothes from here to his home, but I got scared when he lied to me two months later about going out one night.

    Although I knew where he was, I was still fearful of how I felt when he lied to me, and held on to it mentally. It has been 9 months now and although we have been on trips and vacations together but I'm still scared to move to him, thinking that my marriage might not work. My family didn't approve of us getting married and my mom told me not to go until all my ducks (money, job, financial matters) are in a row. He told me that his money is my money and my bills are his, but I believe in handling my own bills. I'm an only child and he has siblings that loves me along with his mom.

    After being tired of him asking me to come to him, I got tired of the back and forth of my fears, family and not being able to give him a straight answer. I decided to go to his home last week in WV and I picked up my clothes/boxes, that he so kindly helped me move throughout the past months. He is a wonderful man and trust God with our marriage, but I don't know how to start to trust him and start communicating with him. I am still looking for a job here in NC and I told him that I will be filing for "D" next week, but I don't have any reason to file. I love him and I know that he loves me very much and is faithful to me, but I am scared and confused about what to do next. Please help me. Mrs. M.C.

  8. Anonymous,

    There is so much going on in your note. I will start first by saying that in order for a marriage to work both of you have to release all baggage and decide that from this day forward you will work together in cooperation. Whatever that may have happened in the past must be released. I mean let it go. Give it to God and pray that the two of you will grow together. Pray as a couple and spend time surrounded with other couples which are striving to live a better married life.
    I want for you to know that living apart puts a strain on a mariiage like no other. It can lead to doubt, confusion, fear and if you are not careful jealousy. Why not try to get counseling together first and then take it nice and slow. My job with this blog is simply to talk about my own experiences and my husband and I have tried living apart with the different duty stations and it just does not work for us. That being said, your situation may be a little different. I am living right now in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba because I love my husband and do not want to spend another minute seperated by distance.
    I am sure that the both of you will make the right decision. I pray that you will take this matter to God, to your Pastor and open up your heart to all the wonderful happiness that awaits you.
    Please keep me posted and let me know how things are going. I will keep you in my prayers.
    my email address is:

  9. Lashon,

    Thank you for your kind words, it really helped to know that someone understands. This will be a hard step for me as well. Before I left, I told him not to call me or email me anymore, I just didn't know what to do with this whole matter, and didn't want to be sidetracked. I've workeding in an Executive financal position for the past 11 years and was so independent and always did things my way. When we got married, I quit my job, sold my house and we were on point with coming together as a family, then after the lie, I froze!! How do I learn to let go and let God, I mean fully let go!???

    All my relationships in my past ended with me leaving them when they cheated or there was a sign of cheating, but my husband is different and he has shown me many times over that I am priority in his life and that he is faithful, down to calling me when he has to work at nights, to him taking pictures where he is, and also with encouraging words/emails/phone conversations.

    Lashon, I really don't want to disappoint my family, I love them so much and I know that they want what is best for me, so even when my dad helped me move my things from his home back to NC, how can I go back and tell my dad that I really want my marriage to work, without him loosing confidence in me?? I also don't want to loose my loving husband and me making that first step to let him know I want our marriage is so hard.

    He (my husband) stated that counseling would be a great thing for us, he's been saying this for months, but I never came to him so that we can follow through with going. He has went to a counselor and pastor himself, and they told him to hold on, trust God (just as you stated) and to just show me love, but I still stood my grounds with not going to him.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am a strong Black Woman and I know what I want in my life and in my marriage, but this is very hard for me, to back up and start over. In my last email to him, I told him that it's too late, and his reply to me is that if I love him, it's never too late. ALthough I believe this, something is telling me, let it go and move on and another is telling that I have a great man and marriage is work and to work on it. I will pray and ask God for guidance. I don't want to be apart of the 70% of marriages that fail because of stuff, I want my husband and I to be a good example for other troubled marriages.

    I will keep you posted via your email and thank you so much my Sister, for everything, prayers and all.

    Best Regards,
    Mrs. M.C.

  10. ReginaAdams81@yahoo.comNovember 27, 2011 at 4:35 AM

    Praying for you Anonymous!!!

  11. Thanks for posting and I sent you a private email..Hope it helps!!

  12. Followed her story as well. Still Praying

  13. Natalie Smith, Fort Stewart Army BaseMarch 17, 2014 at 9:08 AM

    I love it!! SO very true!!! Amen and Amen!!!


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