Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thanksgiving with the children was so PEACEFUL

Hello everyone! I PRAY that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did. My husband Patrick was out of town BUT I had the pleasure of being surrounded with LOVE with all three of my children. YES, All three of them were here and I could hardly contain the JOY I felt every second that I had them all here to myself. I had my oldest son Elijah, My baby girl Lyric and of course the baby Patrick. 
(He hates when I call him the baby) 
I am really trying to stop that.

Of course, All of you are aware that I am a big cry baby. I found myself crying over the silliest of things that day. It was a combination of seeing all of them together again and missing having my husband Patrick home. I feel so blessed because these rare moments that I get all three of them TOGETHER is starting to fade slowly away. I have to cherish each moment, each second and truly take in it all. 

At the ages of 22, 17 and 15 I have to share my three kids with the world. (Smile) So grateful to God to have this moment in time sharing, praying and giving thanks. I want you to know that it was not sad at all, We laughed TOGETHER, we prayed TOGETHER and we ate our Thanksgiving meal TOGETHER and it was the best day for this Mama.

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