Sunday, March 1, 2015

This NAVY WIFE has so much LOVE for her 3 KIDS

Hello and good morning everyone! I hope you know how blessed you are to be a parent. What a wonderful feeling to have them so close to our hearts. As a parent we find ourselves learning and growing everyday. I don't know about you, but I love to wake up happy surrounded by my children. So many blessings are available each day for our kids. Don't you just love that? Having my kids so close causes me to have a permanent smile each day. I believe that God wants us to be great parents. That is why he blesses us continuously and helps by giving us great tools to be a good parent. OK, So its not as easy as that sounds BUT his help is needed in every situation. Just ask him. God helps us be better parents. You know why? Its because we are NOT experts and we need his guidance on a daily basis. AMEN

Our children are A blessing. God knows this task is not going to be a easy one, But WOW What a joy it is to be a mother to these kids. My heart is filled with so much love and its never a dull moment in my family. What about yours? What are some of the things that have made you smile this week?

None of us is perfect so I want you to never be discouraged while parenting. Have faith in God and you will NEVER be alone. I want you to go to him in PRAYER today and let him know whats on your heart. Talk to God about your concerns and any insecurities that you might be holding on to. I know that I have in the past and I still do. I go to him and never stop praying for my kids. I have so much love for my kids and I am PROUD to say that my job as a parent has made me a better person. This love I have for them is a wonderful feeling (Smile)

Whenever I am faced with a tough parenting dilemma I go to God and talk to him. And you know what? I immediately feel better. I feel his love like a nice big hug. His grace lifts me and allows me to be the parent that I was destined to be. YES! All with prayer. I know that you will be able to see the change through prayer. Feel his power and feel his AMAZING love as you parent your children through his direction.

 Father, How I love these three children, Its a great feeling knowing and seeing how the lessons that my husband Patrick and I have taught the three of them are manifesting.....We teach and we try to instill the right things and give them a foundation in God and when they show us that they have been listening... Oh what a great feeling...

Are you taking time to listen, talk and love your children. I hope you are. Until then, Have a great weekend and spend some time with your kids!

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  1. Children are such a blessing from God. I love my children so much. I am always praying for my family. God bless you and yours.

  2. Yes, I will let God lead my precious children to whatever He chooses, because I know that it will be better and greater for them. Thank you Jesus.

    1. Shauna,
      Let him do it all. He will always watch over and protect them.

  3. Yes He does. Thank you Jesus for being my protector!