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There are so many things to see here in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. When I first stepped off the plane and saw drug dogs, armed guards and more security than I could describe I immediately thought what have I just agreed to. Once you take a look around, I mean really look around you begin to see that this place is a hidden paradise.


I read lots of books and I have a vivid imagination, but I looked at my husband and shouted YES!! If you can imagine living in a place where everyone knows one another seriously the principal remembers my kids names already and this is the first week of school. There are no traffic lights, no malls and no big city lights but there are....So many things for the eyes to see here.

Beautiful trees, Iguanas, birds beautiful beaches and lots of activities that take you away from the couch and right in the center of one of the best views on the planet.
Lord I thank you for this blessing!!

When you wake up each morning,  there is so much for the eye to see here.....The water, the beaches, small town living, and best of all, you get to experience the true meaning of love thy neighbor.


The Gold Hill Galley here is a major part of not only social interacting but also a major source of food service here at GTMO. The food there is top of the line. I am not saying that because my husband works there (smile)


Where else can you eat lobster, crabs, shrimp and scallops for less than the price of a value meal at McDonald's?

Look at that beautiful view. I feel such a strong spiritual connection with God here in Guantanamo Bay.
When I watch a sunrise or see the beautiful water here and the beaches I say THANK YOU....
The next time your husband asks where you want to be stationed at next, make sure you tell him GTMO CUBA...the hidden paradise.



  1. I never saw a picture of Cuba that looked this beautiful! Man your blog gives me a view that I never thought I would ever experience Lashon.

  2. @Anonymous..Now thats why I do this blog! I want to share my life experiences to all that stop here. Now you can see all the beautiful things that Cuba has to offer. I have some old articles in the archive. If you like, go through them and look at some of the older photos of Cuba from when I came down back in april 2011. Enjoy the pictures and I appreciate all of your compliments.

  3. Beautiful but i am still not convinced that I could exist in such a isolated place. God is good and I am glad your family enjoys the base there.

  4. @Brittany...This place is not for everyone.

  5. Maybe one day I will be able to experience the beauty that you describe. I have to admit I am going to talk to my husband after deployment about trying to get a set oforders there. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  6. Love the Gold Hill Galley Pic. I used to cook there when I was in the Navy April 1988 to Oct 1989. Would Love to see more!!

  7. @mrp429....I was not here in GTMO in 88, I was in Key west Florida back in 1988 I believe. I heard great things about Guantanamo and I was excited about moving here. My family has enjoyed our short time here and will miss it terribly when it is time to go. Especially the great food in the Gold Hill Galley. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful day....

  8. @Heartandsoul349 ....Keep me posted and my email is: luvlashon@gmail.com

  9. hi, I am wondering if it feels like an estranged island or do you feel like you are living in the usa. Also I am wondering how is there educational system and is there a sense of security when it comes to terrorist? I am asking because my husband is over there doing some construction work for the next 6 weeks and he got offered a job there for 5 years and we are thinking about relocating there, but i need to find out more information and the only info I can find is on the naval base and the detainees. Please help me.

  10. Good afternoon Robin, I was so excited when I read your comment..I am truly in love with this place but its simply because I find happiness wherever I go...There are a lot of people that can not handle this set up. There is a commissary/Navy Exchange but basically thats it.
    You have to find ways to pass your time here thats for sure...There is one elementary and one high school here and the classroom size is small, that is the best part of being here. My children are really enjoying it here..I will truly miss this lifestyle but am looking forward to going back to Florida soon.

    I would like to end by saying that you yourself will have to decide if this is what you would like to do. I suggest you do as I did, come for a visit first, check out the base talk to some of the residents, go to the beach and REALLY take it all in..I am sure you will decide that GTMO is truly a "HIDDEN PARADISE"....
    Let me know what you decide Robin....

  11. Hi lashon,

    Are you still stationed here

    1. No we got back to the states in july 2012

  12. can anyone help me.... my fiance just got orders there. he was originally goint to new hampshire so we didnt rush a wedding or anything like that. now that he is leaving states we have to be married for me to follow him. when should we get married by and how do i get the okay to follow him to cuba or even better how do we get his horders swithched back. I cant stand the thought of loosing him and i will do anything i can to be with him. all advice is welcome no matter how crasy. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!

  13. Good morning Jonie,

    I am not sure if you are aware but GTMO Cuba is isolated duty...I am not sure if you can accompany him or not..Depends on the type of orders that he has so I can not help you with that part.
    I do know that you would have to be married or working on the base to be there since the base is set up that way for security reasons.
    Initially I did not go to Cuba with my husband but found that it was much to hard to be with him so I do understand what you are going through.
    I hope this is helpful, if not, your best way to get info is through your fiance..His command would be giving him all the information that he needs for a PCS move.
    Good Luck to you and keep me posted


  14. Imagine Gtmo in 1983 to 1985. Pure heaven. I was with the Marines of Company L, NSGA atop JPJ Hill in an old house (our office) that has now been replaced by wind turbines. The view was breath taking to say least. No armed guards needed to go diving. Trips to Jamaica, Haiti, etc cost just $10.00 on commercial flights or the Navy offered free rides on LST. Outdoor movies only around the base. Not sure if they are still there. Diving on Xmas mornings for our meal. Ted, USMC Retired. 8/14/13.

    1. Anonymous,

      They still have those outdoor movies. One of the best parts of living there.

  15. Your page brought back lots of memories. I was a marine stationed there from 81 to 83

    1. Rick,

      I am sure that it was beautiful back then to. thanks for leaving your comment. SEMPER FI marine and thanks for your service!

  16. I have a question that maybe you can answer, I have a boyfriend that is in the army as a MP, and he might be deployed to Guantanamo bay for guard detail. He would be gone for a year, could i possibly go with him?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I get that question a lot and I can not answer because each set of orders is specific. Because this is a "Special", "Isolated" duty station some dependents can not accompany the service member. With the two of you not being married your guess is as good as mine. I was able to go with my husband because he was on the other side of the base and was not assigned to the prison. GTMO has very strict rules BUT you can visit him while he is deployed there. there is special paperwork and permissions that hae to be accomplished prior to your visit.
      The best information will have to come from your boyfriend. Since he has the orders, only he can tell you the type of duty he will be assigned. Hope this helps and thanks for writing.

      Lashon Campbell

  17. What if your boyfriend is a contractor being assigned there? can he have visitors?

  18. Anonymous:

    All employees of GTMO can have visitors BUT they are very strict and lots of paperwork is filled out by the employee prior to your visit. the dates specified leaving and coming has to be honored. there is also a limit on the amount of visits. Your boyfriend really would be better equipped to answer that for you since I have been off the base for two years. Policies change and I want you to understand that. I hope this helps you and I would love for you to keep in touch and tell me how you like the place. It really is a Paradise.

  19. Hi Lashon. Thanks for sharing info. I was wondering if weddings/marriages are allowed in GTMO (as far as getting married on base). Thanks.

  20. Anonymous,

    Here is the information just in case you did not get it.

    Congrats on your soon to be marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing. My husband and I have been married for almost 22 years. We actually renewed our wedding vows in GTMO at our 20 year mark.
    We had to ask permissions from the Captain of the base and had specific restrictions because of the nature of the facility. The security is super tight and their polices are always changing. the bet person with the answer would be your husband. When he checks in he will have a sponsor and he will go through a command INDOC where all his questions will be answered. The best thing for you to do RIGHT NOW while you are waiting for answers is to get your passport and make sure everything is updated. GTMO is a beautiful place and Its was nice living there. Not sure if this was helpful.

    here are other sources of info:



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  22. Debby,

    Thanks for checking out my blog.