Saturday, April 7, 2012


I wanted to write this note today because we all struggle with darkness......Do you ever notice how when someone turns the light out, you immediately feel a sense of anxiety and maybe even fear? Your mind begins to wonder and your fears and your anxieties start to surface. I submit today that the darkness gives rise to fear...ONLY FOR A MOMENT. You have to catch yourself quickly. Don't stay in the darkness too long..Shake it off, hold your head up and come out swinging.

We associate darkness with the unknown and forget all about the teachings from the bible. Paul used the images of the light and dark to speak to us about the nature of God and of our faith. We have to believe in our hearts that "THE LIGHT" makes visible what may be hidden in the darkness. But if we spend time in the light of God's word, when we consistently SHOUT OUT WITH PRAISE of this continuous PEACE and PRAISE that God gives to us. Our spirit will continue to grow. We will continue to blossom like a new flower under the sunlight....

Darkness and fear are sometimes used in the same sentence and people get stuck on that. Even though you may experience a short moment of fear...DO NOT BE AFRAID. Never let your fear paralyze you and keep you from moving forward. Keep moving forward and eventually you will come to a place where the light is visible....It will be so beautiful. When you emerge and come upon "your light", open your eyes and watch how "growth takes place in your heart". Not only a growth spiritually, but also you will feel more peace, more unconditional love than you could ever imagine. Your soul will be fed on a daily basis . So no excuses..Walk through this darkness that you are experiencing and LET YOUR SPIRIT GROW......

I have some amazing people in my life right now. I almost didn't see them because I too spent to much time "in that dark place".

God is so amazing though. He told me to get up, shake it off and come out swinging.

The people that enter your life are there for a reason, a lesson, a journey. You never know why at first. So start today living A LIFE OF INTENTION and allow those people AND those lessons to reveal themselves. There are people who touch you with their poetry, some touch you with their spoken word, or there are some with voices like an angel. My greatest joy has been people who have come into my life and TOUCHED MY SOUL....

You never know the power of your words. That is why it is so important to think very carefully before you speak. We all have a purpose, a calling or a path. Maybe yours is to light the way for others. God uses us all to administer the light for those who have yet to come out of the darkness....Start today with a new outlook and a new purpose and GET OUT OF THE DARKNESS...GOD BLESS.



  1. these words jumped off the page and spoke to me...

  2. @Melissa...Thanks for stopping by to post.So glad you enjoyed the blog!

  3. I knew God would take all my problems away!!

  4. He has his hands on you and no matter what the situation, he is there so just be patient, lift your hands and pray to him.....

  5. Love that @Us Marine Wife....Thanks again for stopping by to post in the comment secction. I see that you have commented on more than one occasion and that makes me happy that you felt comfortable enough to come back again and again to my Blog. Thanks for your comments and I hope you come back again.

  6. Its me again.....I had to write here. This story has caused me to pause and think about how far I have ccome from that dark place that I use to reside in...GOD has given me strength. God has given me his word. God has given me the wisdom to get out of that place. I realize now that even in darkness, I can do it, I can emerge from it as a overcomer. As I am continuing to walk in the SPIRIT, I have to keep pushing thru ...Thankful for the strength that guided me this far.
    Again, I thank you for this outlet to discuss him so freely and feel good doing it :O)

  7. this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. It brought a tear to my eyes. Everyone experiences that kind of darkness. Thank you for shedding a little light on our lives.

  8. Good evening Imurphyinaz.....Thank you for adding your comment here to my article. I am always pleased to read various comments and see how something that I wrote may help someone. when I write, I write about my own personal experiences and try to show how I "made it through"....Remember, God will give you strength that you never even knew you had if you stay in His presence

  9. Now that's totally true. You can also become overly burdened if you're not careful.

  10. Each morning I shout!!!!....Thank You God for showing me so many times that Your Hand is upon my life.... I bless You Almighty God and I receive Your Hand on a daily basis in my life. Amen.


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