Saturday, September 24, 2016


September 24, 1950..That is the day that my mother was born. QUEEN ESTHER CHANDLER.....
I loved everything about her. I loved the way she talked the way she smelled and the way she loved me. She was smart, insightful,creative and beautiful. A college educated woman that helped others get their G.E.D.
A short woman with a lot of FIRE!! She was no push-over. A great debater, articulate and well-spoken. She taught me about the arts and gave me the chance to see my first live play on Broadway. After seeing the WIZ I felt empowered and confident that I could be anything! I didn't realize it back then, but she was exposing me to various cultures so that my eyes could see the possibilities.
Today as a mother of three children myself, I continue to educate my kids just as Queen did all those years ago. I have two older sisters and my mom raised three very different, independent girls. A trait that today she would be most proud of. Still, There is a piece of her in each of us that can never be denied. My oldest sister Wanda has the most beautiful eyes just as my mother did. My sister Juanita is highly educated with a thirst for knowledge that mimics my mother on her very best day. And myself, Well, all I have to do is look in the mirror. I am so proud to be the daughter of such a divine spirit. I can only say that my grandmother had perfect insight to name her QUEEN because she is and always will be a QUEEN to me.


My mother was the most beautiful and Inspiring woman I have ever known. She remains the source of my inspiration and continues to be a symbol of love and strength in my everyday life. I am not sad today as I celebrate her birthday because I know that one day I will see her beautiful smile once again..

As I celebrate Mother’s birthday and the excellence of her life, I am reminded of my duty to give my own children the benefit of her tender heart.

Happy Birthday to my mother Queen Esther Chandler who died much to young.

I love you Mom.



  1. At what age did your mother pass away Lashon?

  2. @Belinda she passed away 14 years ago. But for me all of the memories are fresh as if it was only yesterday. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my article. God Bless.

  3. @brittany...Thanks Glad you enjoyed it. I loved my mom so much and I miss her everyday!

  4. I am positive that she is watching over you and I KNOW that she would be extremely proud of this blog and your page for the navy wives. Keep sharing your stories so that I can keep reading along....:+)

  5. Stories like this one is why I follow your blog. You write about your life in such a way I feel as though I know your family. As a writer myself I am blown away Lashon. Forever a blog fan.

  6. @Anonymous...What a way for me to start my put a big smile on my face and I am overjoyed that my blog makes you want to continue to follow. I encourage you to continue to write. I have always enjoyed writing, but it was not until I moved here to Cuba that I realized it was " A PASSION". Please keep following my blog. God Bless you!

  7. Beautiful tribute and the tears that are falling from my eyes is because I am sure your mom is so proud of you.