Tuesday, April 23, 2013


There has been times in my past that I have carried grudges, pain and hurt so close to my heart, that I was unable to function. When I look back at those days I cringe at the thought of how much time and energy I wasted not allowing myself to FORGIVE. When I gave my life to Christ I made it a priority to RELEASE ALL THE PAIN I carried for all those years. During my prayer times I realized that if I was to ever have a REAL ANOINTING, that I would have to mend all areas of FORGIVENESS in my life.

 It started with myself.

I wanted everyone to know that when you take the time and forgive someone that has caused you PAIN, it frees you and it gives you PEACE OF MIND.

You can then slowly begin to transcend your hurt and get to a place in your heart and mind where the hurt is no longer HOLDING YOU BACK.

Fill your days with joy and let the anger and frustrations go so that you can live the life that is meant for you.

My prayer for everyone who comes across my blog today is to STRIVE TO DO YOUR VERY BEST and display forgiveness each day of your life.

There is such great POWER IN FORGIVENESS.

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  1. Forgiveness does not come easy for most of us. But boy it is so necessary in order to have any kind of peace of mind!

  2. @Neisha...This is so true. Why carry all that weight around, it PULLS YOU DOWN!!! WAY DOWN!!! The only way to have peace of mind is to let it go. Thanks for your comment. I hope you come back to the blog soon. God Bless.

  3. What can I say Lashon....Are you speaking directly at me? You are such a inspiration to me. I was feeling down and was confessing The Blood of Jesus Christ, I was sitting here praying and I was calling out to God to give me the ability to forgive someone from my past. Your words made this light bulb click on and I just started crying........Thank you Jesus!

  4. I felt really good reading this. Did our paths cross by accident? I doubt it!! THANK YOU LASHON!! Let that pain Go has been my motto since an early age. Without going into detail, I had to let go of that anger because it was slowly killing me inside. My amazing Pastor has given me a reason to smile and believe in the good in people. My relationship with god is a good one and slowly I am learning to love myself .

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and then leaving your comments. I appreciate all of the positive messages and I assure you that I will continue to spread the Word of God and honor my family. Please stop by soon. God Bless!!

  6. Thank you all so much for posting your feelings here. Forgiveness is such a hard thing. I speak from personal experience. But everyday I am learning more and more how to let things go and focus on what is ahead. Good times and happy memories are the things I try to focus on. Thanks again for sharing your point of view. Come back soon!

  7. Forgive.....the hardest word in the dictionary for someone like me. My mom said that I was always stubborn..LOL
    I was sitting here all frowned about something that I can not even remember. I came across this blog post and it has totally changed my frown..Seriously Lashoon, Thank you for this word that God put in your heart....
    Oh my goodness God is so amazing - so glad he gave you the word that I needed to hear right at this moment. thank you sister!!

  8. Hello Jennifer...thanks for sharing here. Its tough to admit that you are stubborn. Thanks for being brave and sharing this story. I know that whatever was weighing down your heart has been lifted and by forgiving someone you free up that space for joy...YES God is amazing!