Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today As you go about your day…..Try not to JUDGE…

Today As you go about your day…..Try not to JUDGE… 

Good morning everyone. I pray that today is a good day for you and your family. When I woke up this moment, I stopped and said, THANK YOU FATHER. I am always conscious of the fact that tomorrow is not promised and everything you have can be gone in an instant. I try everyday to remember that.

There are so many homeless people here in the Jacksonville area. More than I ever could remember growing up in Chicago. Recently my daughter Lyric and I headed to my favorite Seafood place for dinner. We were laughing about something silly when we spotted a young couple outside of the restaurant.  I was thinking they looked so young to be in their position. that is when the young man said hello to us. The young woman asked if I was able to spare some change. I explained to her that I did not have any cash on me. 
( I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! Lashon was lying to them.) I stand before you today that I was telling the truth. I really didn't. I only had my debit card with me. 

You do not need a reason to help people and you should try to help as many people as possible. I sat at the table but I could not concentrate. I looked out of the window and was able to see that same couple. I guess that should have been the end of it NO, NOT AT ALL...As I was sitting in the restaurant my mind went directly back to that young couple. 

I told my daughter let’s wait to eat and go back outside with the homeless couple. I just had to know more about this family. I asked the young woman, WHAT DO YOU NEED? She said that she was not begging for money. That she just simply wanted some food to eat. I asked her how long it had been since her last meal and she said she had a cup of coffee this morning. I told her to stay right there and I went into the nearest Publix and bought a few items. Thankful to God that I was able to help in such a small way.

                                            HELPING OTHERS

                                          LEND A HELPING HAND

As I said, I went into the store and I purchased bread, sliced turkey, cheese, chips, apples, water and Gatorade. Not a gourmet meal but enough for them not to be hungry. When the homeless woman saw the bags she immediately started to cry. She shouted thank you and God bless you over and over again. I turned to her and said, “NO, Thank you. Thank you for the reminder that there is someone that is hungry”. 

I was so glad that my daughter Lyric was with me that day.

I know that it is not possible to help every homeless person in the world, but I taught my daughter that day that you can be compassionate to EVERYONE!

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  1. Today As you go about your day…..Try not to JUDGE…

  2. Spoken directly to me at this moment...thank you.

  3. Nicki Brown, ChicagoFebruary 18, 2014 at 6:42 AM

    thank you for sharing's exactly what i needed to hear and be reminded of! God is in control!