Sunday, March 16, 2014

A SPIRITUAL JOURNAL has helped me stay focused on God


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By Lashon Campbell

Every morning while my computer is booting up, (OLD LAPTOP) I write down my prayer to God in a journal. Its my way of making sure I talk to him in detail. I LOVE OUR TIME TOGETHER and it's a great way to stay focused on God and all the things that he has brought you out of and what he's bringing you into.  AMEN! God is so good. I was hoping that today I could just get at least one person to commit to try. Is that person you? Give it a try!


I have started writing more and expressing the way I feel down in my journal. I have always written in my journal but as the years passed I have grown to depend on my alone time writing in my journal. Once everyone is asleep and I have some alone time, I pull out my journal and write my feelings down. What about you? 


               Have you ever thought of putting your thoughts down on paper? 


                                    Do you keep a spiritual journal?

YES I do and I have for the past few years. It is very therapeutic and it is also a great way to record different moments in your life that demonstrate God's love and clear direction for your life. That is why I started this journey of writing. It releases all of the negative junk that tries to harbor in my heart and frees space in my heart for God's love.


 I have found so much PEACE and so much STRENGTH in the pages of my own journal. I just love the fact that its in my own words. Reading the words on the paper EMPOWERS me in so many ways. Reading the words that I myself wrote lets me know that reading my bible, meditating and writing down my feelings has been a major improvement in the way that I live my life.  

It is truly a blessing to see my health and my heart feeling better on a daily basis. I know its because of all of the negative things have left my heart through my writing. I love to write in my journal and I guess it has saved my life in many ways. So I take it with me so that I can write things down at any time. I can use my journal at any time especially when I need to testify. I guess you can say that I am A LIVING TESTIMONY! 

Writing in a journal, Is a way to review all that God has placed in your life through expression. It is way to describe all of the circumstances in your life BOTH good and bad. Reading over your own words can alert you to things that may have not been seen before. I assure you that you will feel better as you continue to write in your SPIRITUAL JOURNAL.

 I am praying that each of you will see POSITIVE IMPROVEMENTS and gain a sense of the overall direction in which God has been guiding you! I would love to hear how writing in your journal has impacted your life and your relationship with God.

I would love to hear from you here at the blog. Send me an email, or leave a message in the comment section.

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  1. Every time I'm done, restless, weak and feeling alone I always find myself talking to Him because I find strength after doing so. It makes me believe that I can do things with His guidance and His will.

    MyCAA Assistance

    1. FE Adamsonn,

      Thank you for sharing your comment today. have a blessed Day.

  2. Wonderfully put! Thank you! Love your blog sister.

    1. Theresa Jackson,

      Thanks so much.It was hard to do, but I'm glad the Lord gave me the strength to accomplish this post. Sometimes its difficult to share what you are feeling on your heart. thank you for dropping by today. Be Blessed.

  3. Linda stuart Lawson, Fresno, CaliforniaMarch 17, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    .May God Bless you and keep you & yours in Jesus name ...&...Have a Bless day my friend in Jesus ...

    1. Linda Stuart

      Thank you and have a great day!

  4. Linda Stuart Lawson, Fresno, CaliforniaMarch 17, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    Such a great idea. check that off of my list of things to do :O) Thank you for the encouragement

  5. Love you Lashon <3 thank you! I needed to read this at this very moment <3 Grateful for your willing & obedient heart!!

  6. Christopher JohnsonMarch 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    You are beautiful Lashon. Truly, it is not you as a person that I see, but I see God and His likeness in You! I hope this made you smile!

  7. God is working in my life on this very issue today. He told me this morning that I need to add rest (and fun) to my life instead of working and stressing so hard. I need to explore this further. Thanks everyone and have a blessed day.

  8. Alone time with God in prayer, makes us more generous because we constantly see God’s generosity when we meet him in worship.