Monday, July 17, 2017

Great things happen when you TALK with your Kids


One thing I've learned is that you can't control EVERYTHING! This has been my toughest lesson as a mother. I want to protect my three kids from everything BUT sadly this is not possible. So I have learned to pray and leave all my worries with God. It is because of him that I have learned how to talk with my kids about any and everything. Listen, your kids need to know that they can talk to you about ANYTHING. 

Our kids need someone to show them that behind all the dark clouds, the sun is still shining. This gives them hope and let's them know that though times may be hard, RIGHT NOW, that there is still JOY beyond what their eyes can see. We all need someone to talk to AND our kids are no exception. They want to talk but they also want someone to listen to them and to understand their point of view.

Sometimes as parents, we simply need to be there for our children. That is why I am so grateful for God and how he has guided my steps concerning my kids. I never said that it would be easy, but it is necessary to keep those lines of communication open. There is no joy greater than having one of my children come to me and actually want to talk. As they get older, the talks are less frequent and need to be treasured. We can do this. We can have a better and more open relationship with our kids that encourages communication (Smile) We simply have to get our kids to talk and SHARE their feelings both good and bad with us. ARE YOU WITH ME?

We have to encourage them to keep TALKING! Keeping things inside does not make things any better. If our kids, hold on to those feelings It can be disastrous. The weight of it all can hold them down and can cause depression. We DO NOT want that. This is the day to make today BETTER than yesterday. It all starts when you talk with your kids. God Bless you all and I PRAY that this is the day for the breakthrough that you have been hoping for. If your relationship with any of your kids are out of sync, MAYBE talking and listening is a way to break the ice. I will keep you all in prayer.

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  1. I just love my three kids. They are truly gifts from God. I wake up each morning and I say a prayer for each one of them. I was just reading the Scripture. Psalm 107:27-30. It is one of my favorites.

    "They were at their wits end. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress...and He guided them to their desired haven." Nothing can stop your children from seeing their dreams and desires come to pass as long they are trusting God! I tell my kids this and I pray that you will share this with your own kids. God bless you all.