Sunday, August 31, 2014

We bought our daughter LYRIC her FIRST car, NOW what?


I have a beautiful daughter who just recently turned 17. She is really a special kid. She is a hard working student that stays on the honor roll and is a member of BOTH National Honor Society and the French Honor Society. She is always reading a book and has made us such PROUD parents. She asked for a car when she turned 16 and we really wanted to get one for her. But we were teaching her a very valuable lesson about patience and working toward goals. 

She had her Learner's Permit but had not yet took her drivers test. Boy kids today they think everything just falls from the sky. (Smile)
We took her driving and decided that she was just not ready for the responsibility yet. Its OK to think this process through. Most parents FORGET that giving their kids a car or even handing them the car keys of their own car entails a great level of responsibility. She was not ready for a CAR of her own back then.

A year later she is smarter, more responsible and eager to drive! She did everything we asked and has become a very safe and responsible driver. I am so proud of how far she has come this year. So her father and I talked about it and decided that her birthday would be the PERFECT time to give her a car! YES, her very own car. So we gave her one...I have never heard a scream that loud before. She screamed, she cried and then she just stood there and stared at her car. It feels good to be able to give our baby girl her first car. My husband made sure that it was safe and reliable for her. So now our 17 year old daughter has her car and she is happier than ever.

 I love this new stage of her life. As her mom, I get to witness her transform into a responsible young woman. This is a good day and I thank God for his guidance and his great love. He has shown his love in this house and continues to wrap our children in protection.

Have you made any major decisions concerning any of your kids? If so, I would love to hear your story. Prayer is so important! We have to keep our children in prayer. I would love to pray with you. God Bless.

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  1. It was a great day for us as parents and for her as a young adult. .ABOVE ALL, We have tried to teach all our kids responsibility, respect, love and most of all humility. All of these things play a crucial role in their ability to separate their pride and make logical decisions. We know that she will. Please continue to keep our family in prayer. Thanks to all of you.