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Let your KIDS express themselves

My 3 kids are something special. They are so different and my approach to raising them has always been designed for each of their specific personalities. Its been tough sometimes, BUT I have enjoyed every minute. I love being their mother and I understand the importance of the job that God has trusted me to do.

I started when my kids were quite young encouraging them to be artists. I know that they have their own personalities BUT I wanted to encourage them to express themselves through art , writing and even through speaking. My oldest son Elijah grew up loving to draw and still loves drawing all these years later. Then there is my daughter Lyric; She was NOT interested in painting writing OR music (Smile) I still laugh at that. My youngest son Patrick loves all of the above. He has a love for music and the arts. He has recently started his freshman year at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts here in Florida.

I am PROUD of all three of them and I am so glad we exposed them to all we could get our hands on. Through it all I have learned NOT to be pushy and instead I have allowed them to have their own thoughts and their own dreams. The focus at the Campbell home has always been creativity. I smile at the thought of this because my Navy husband Patrick is totally not artistic. He is the most practical, non-expressive strict parent that you could ever picture in your mind (Smile) I laugh at the thought of this.

We simply worked TOGETHER as their parents and allowed them to be creative. Our children should always be allowed to be individuals with their own desires, We must never cross the line of being pushy and cause our kids to have emotional problems.
Let them speak and have a voice. If you are having difficulty in this area, I urge you to speak to God about it and ask for guidance in this area. All that really matters is our kids happiness. Don't you agree? Let's encourage them, love them and support their dreams as their parents.

You and I both know that they will be happy just spending time with you. That is incentive enough to make you want to use your time together with purpose. We are their FIRST teachers at home and can use this time together with them developing skills, crafts and supporting their passion. So today, ALLOW your kids to express themselves in a way that makes them happy.

Be supportive and allow them to express themselves I know that you are doing the BEST you can as a parent. We are all learning as we go and any help is greatly appreciated. 

I am excited about how we as parents can be so instrumental in our child's development. I pray that you will let your kids express themselves in a safe way. I hope to hear from you about ways you have incorporated self-expression in your home. Until then, I will be praying for you.

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  1. My kids are just so different and I have encouraged their individuality throughout the years. If your child is searching for some activity that they really enjoy take some time to see what they want to tackle. Its really Amazing how smart and creative our children can be. All they need is encouragement and support from us as their parents. I pray this blog post was helpful and that you can apply it to what is happening in your life right now. I will be praying for you. God Bless.


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