Thursday, December 4, 2014

BALANCING Family time with your kids...


Whether you are a stay at home mom, or you leave every day to a job outside of the home. I am certain that you are constantly trying to balance spending some family time with your children.
I have found that as my three children are getting older it is harder and harder to spend quality time with them. I wanted to talk to them to see what their interests were and was shocked that some of the things that they once loved to do are no longer the "IN THING" to do. It's true, they grow so fast.....

OH MY! It is a constant balancing act trying to spend time doing things with the kids and providing for your family....

With me, It seems I spend the majority of my time in my car...We are always driving from one practice to another or one competition to another....

I recently brought my concerns to my husband Patrick because I felt like the two youngest kids were always away from home. We developed some very simple solutions so that more family time could be spent doing the things we enjoyed...

We decided to go watch a tennis match with the kids. We got tickets for the Davis Cup and headed for a day of tennis. All of our kids love tennis and it would be something that we could enjoy together.

We had a wonderful time before, during and after the tennis match. I was quite surprised at how much fun the kids had. We laughed when I dropped cheese from the Nachos down my shirt. We held our breath at match point and we experienced some great quality time with our kids....


                  TENNIS          TENNIS                                 TENNIS   


Our seats were up high and I thought that surely I would pass out every time I looked down. (I am not really fond of heights)

My youngest son Patrick is 13 and my baby girl just turned 16. 

He loves video games and she loves her IPod and her Driver's permit...Nothing else matters LOL

After the tennis match we asked the kids what our next adventure should be. My son said he just wanted to have a nice dinner out with lots of crabs. My daughter wants to head on a road trip. The goal here was simply to find out what the kids interests were so that we could adjust to this TRICKY age and their new interests.

Raising teenagers is a daily learning experience. But you know what? It was a success....

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  1. There is so much JOY spending time with your family. Find an activity that you can share TOGETHER.