Thursday, December 25, 2014

We are the light of the world! Let us be the answer!

We are the light of the world! Yes, All of us...Let us be the answer! Each one of us has a gift and a purpose. Do you know what yours is? If not, I ENCOURAGE you to seek God in prayer for the proper direction. 

Take all of your questions to God in PRAYER and find the path that is destined for you. I have been praying lately that God will continue to surround me with people who love him and are not afraid to share that fire for him. I have been blessed and have met so many amazing women in this community. 

I Thank you God for abundantly blessing me this year with so many FANTASTIC women on fire for Christ and who serve with ALL they are for YOU! I celebrate Another great day here in Florida and my faith is still growing. I PRAY that all of you reading this post will connect with others in your own community that are eager to lift you up and expand your faith. What a joy that is! 

There is no joy greater than serving him in this way. TRUST and believe that God has good things in place RIGHT NOW for you and he is ALREADY in the process of bringing things into alignment for you so that your greatness, your victory, your PEACE will be within your reach. All you have to do is sit back and see just how FAITHFUL God is. Trust in him today! In the name of Jesus AMEN! I love you all. Have a great day.

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  1. I don't regret one single thing that has lead me to this place that I am at right now today. It was hard, but God stayed with me every step of the way and you know what? I am stronger because of it. God Bless you all.