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Don't be AFRAID to reach out and ASK for Help

Good morning Everyone and welcome back to my blog. So glad you decided to join me here today...Today I want to talk about how we stretch ourselves in so many ways. I understand that we are mothers, wives, sisters, and friends BUT we are NOT magicians.

We wear many hats in our households and sometimes we FORGET the first rule of being a success AND that's you HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Yes you! Although you are busy in your everyday lives, its Imperative to keep yourself rested and healthy at all times. I pray that you are taking moments throughout your day to nourish your mind, body AND spirit.

Although I do many things here in the Florida, my FIRST priority will always be my family. Trust me, I know that you have good intentions and your heart is in the right place, but you have to be healthy to take care of others. You are no good to your family when you are beat down, fatigued and sick...

Remember that your kids, spouse and friends need you, a HEALTHY you. So continue to take care of yourself. You will see things slowly get more tranquil and your days will be more productive.

Many times we FORGET to slow things down a little. Some of us are running around in a CRAZY state of mind "Trying" to make other people and other things a priority. NO MORE! Let's start the day focusing on the things that matter most to God. Things like, Love and honoring our spouses, Spending quality time with our kids AND keeping God at the center of all we do.

If things seem overwhelming now, then its the PERFECT time for you to reach out to family, friends the church OR other military wives to give you a hand. Can you do that? Now, I understand that this will be hard for a lot of you. BUT, its necessary!

Once you decide to place things in the proper order, take care of yourself and determine when to ask for help, things will change for the better. I would love to hear how you have incorporated these steps in your own life. How awesome it is to have help from those you love you and only want what's best for you. I will be PRAYING for you.

Originally posted 01/12/2015

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  1. You may have gone through a lot in your life. The good news is—you are still here to tell it! It’s not over yet!


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