Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I have a 15 year old son named Patrick Campbell. He is a handsome YOUNG MAN with a big smile and the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen. I love him for so many reasons. Mostly because He came into my life at a time when I was able to stay home and be a full-time mom. What a blessing it was back then.

I was on Active duty when I had my first son Elijah and with my daughter Lyric I was trying to work and go back to school. I had to pray about it. I needed God's direction on my decisions back then. I decided to be as open-minded as possible with this new baby. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and I did everything different with him. I decided to do Lamaze, birthing classes, I had a mid-wife and I decided that I would breast feed. I came out of my shell with him and did a lot of FIRSTS.

 I miss Patrick the baby, but Patrick the 15 year old is a comedian, a perfectionist, a realist and a winner in EVERY GAME we play as a family. No matter the game, he ALWAYS wins. I AM SERIOUS (smile)

                I love you my sweet baby boy Patrick.

As he has grown and developed I have realized that our children live their lives in unique phases. When one ends, another phase begins. My baby will soon be in seventh grade and he has already exhibited flashes of being a teenager. I know that change with our children is inevitable but I sure do miss having him hold on to my leg every time I went to the door.

I guess I just want to remind everyone that life is short and those moments, those special moments will be gone in an instant. I encourage you to love your children, spend time with your children and seize EVERY MOMENT.

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4/4/12 12:01 AM

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  1. You moved me to tears. my son is 9 and I long for those days when I also could rock him and hold him close

  2. First of all, thanks for stopping by and taking time to post on my blog Alicia.those special times that we had with our babies will last a lifetime.God Bless

  3. @JENNIFER...My baby is almost 12. I remember when he was learning to walk. Now I have to prepare for the next level.....BECOMING A TEENAGER. Thanks for posting Jennifer. God Bless.

  4. God, I KNOW that you are more than able to give me everything that I need to raise my children the right way....I say to each of you today. Trust Him as your sole source.

  5. God bless you so much Lashon..POWERFUL!! This is so powerful ... Shalom !!!

  6. Hello Everyone...I received lots of emails about this particular story....Each one with its on perspective about how we should raise young boys in today's society....I am an active part of my sons life, but my husband Patrick has been instrumental in teaching my two sons the values that they need to be successful...He spends countless hours just talking to the boys..I am so grateful to have such a strong husband that spends his time not only being a daddy, but also being a teacher...Anybody can be a daddy; but it takes a real man to be a Father, I applaud my husband Patrick and I know in my heart that God is smiling down on him for a job well done.

  7. Lashon, I have really enjoyed your blog today and can not wait to read the next entry!!