Saturday, April 11, 2015

Whatever you THINK you are accomplishing at work means NOTHING if you constantly leave God out of your existence at home

Good morning and thanks for stopping by my blog once again. First I want to say God thank you for the greatest gift today and everyday--your Son Jesus. My topic today is what does success mean in your household. I have been receiving a bunch of letters and emails on this subject and felt that now more than ever we needed to address this subject.

Let's be honest. There are lots of people who equate success to their achievements at work. They forget about family and the relationships with those inside their home. Even more than that they dismiss the importance of having a relationship with God. That is why we are talking about this today. Let's start by praying. Father I ask for your prayers for those going through this terrible situation. Father I pray for those lost souls who are looking for outside ego-boosters. Father I pray for those searching for something to soothe the emptiness that they are feeling inside. I lift them up to you this morning.

So much pain as I read these letters.
There is a solution Father. Please step
in before these children are destroyed. 

Can these families
be restored? 

Can we put you at the 
center of all things?

Can prayer fix this?

Reading the words on these letters makes my heart ache. It is aching for all of those who are on the brink of losing EVERYTHING. That is why I am asking for prayer. The darkness that they are in is consuming them and they need you more than ever. Are you one of those who are suffering now? If so, Give it over to God and make things new.

Whatever you THINK you are accomplishing at work means NOTHING if you constantly leave God out of your existence at home. You have NO relationship with him, you are NOT honoring your spouse and even more than that, you are NOT giving God what's due to him. YOUR HEART. Painful truth but true none the less. Fall to your knees and get your life on track.

What does it all mean to smile and
celebrate your achievements at work
when your family is falling apart.

This is just a gentle reminder that God, Yes our God loves you and wants you to be happy. Putting your time and energy away from what is important will eventually perish! Today is a day of reflection so that you can fix all things that threaten to harm your family, your children and your relationship with God. What does it profit a woman/man to gain this whole world but loses his/her soul in the process? Ask yourself that and then fix what's destroying your family and your relationship with God.

We are here for you if you need to talk. Your requests can be anonymous. Look in the mirror this morning and have integrity! Have integrity and show your children by example rather than just simple words. No better way to show them you love them than through your actions. Now sit back and watch how quickly all of the missing pieces begin to fall into place. Keep pursuing God and until then, I will be praying for you.

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  1. Family time over anything else

    1. Alice,

      I could not agree with you more. So true

  2. There is a great disconnect in this country in families. Some parents think that making money for their family is enough and totally forget that love, support, one-on-one time, faith and availability is so much more important. For me personally, I would rather live in a shack with my family, love and honoring God and making lasting memories THAN being alone spiritually and physically. God Bless all in this current situation.

  3. Family time is more important to me than the long hours I put in at work