Friday, June 19, 2015

Today is the day to make time for your kids


MAKE TIME FOR YOUR KIDS and teach them the importance of having a relationship with God. I know that sometimes it is difficult to start up a conversation about Religion. Do not put off such an important discussion.

Throw all the rule books out the window and speak directly to your kids from your heart. If you show them love, compassion and sincere humility, Your children will feel God's love through your words. I believe that its such a powerful way to teach them.....

Its our job as parents to prepare them for EVERYTHING. So as you begin this day, MAKE TIME today to TALK to your kids.

Make time for your family, your friends and GOD today... not tomorrow...Invest your time, your energy and your passion in ALL areas of your life. It starts with concentration and focus. Only then can you move towards an integrity that comes from doing what is honorable on a daily basis.

Love your children, prepare your children and be proud of the reflection that stares back at you on a daily basis. 

God Bless you all.

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  1. Make time for your kids should be a wake up call to all the parents who plop their kids in front of a television day in and day out. We live in troubled times and a parents job is harder than ever. The Bible is the best defense. Spending quality time with your kids, talking to them, reading and praying. All the things you touched on in your article Mrs. Campbell. These are ways that we as parents can make a difference....A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE!!

  2. I agree Ashley.. Positive, involved Parenting working together!!

  3. @Ashley..I really appreciate your comments. And Please call me Lashon..We are all friends here. (smile) As parents we have to a job to do and that s raise our children. Its a 24 hour 365 day a year job.
    One that I love so much!!
    Thanks for posting comments on my blog:) Come back soon Ashley!

  4. Your blog is different. Not just Navy Wife stuff, but covers so much. I like your take on parenting and I will continue to follow your family!

  5. @Anonymous...Thanks for those kind words. I really want to appeal to a wide range of people so that I can reach a larger audience.

  6. Thanks everyone for posting here. If you have any ideas which you are interested in seeing here on my blog just inbox me at my email I welcome all suggestions. God Bless you all.

  7. I agreebecause the information here is not just about the Navy its about being a woman serviving God and loving her family...I will be back to read the next blog entry.

  8. @Anonymous..Now thats what I LOVE to hear...That you enjoyed the Blog and decided that you will come back and read more. When people take the time to comment It makes me feel such pride knowing that it is a chance to touch someone. I pray that I will continue to peak your interests and give you a reason to stay tuned to my Navy Life Adventure (smile) God Bless you!

  9. Fantastic...Love reading this Blog!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Shelia..thanks for reading my blog. It is so refreshing to read all of the wonderful and positive feedback from my readers. I encourage you to come back and share real soon :O)

  11. Perfect! Exactly what I needed this morning Lashon.

  12. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post Lashon.....As always I am blessed by your words, thanks for letting us see your heart.

  13. I love spending time with my kids.

  14. Jacqueline Onslow, Rhode IslandJune 20, 2015 at 7:08 AM

    Love reading about the Campbell Family. Can't get enough!