Saturday, July 1, 2017



I am thankful that God NEVER LOSES TRACK of what He is doing in my life. My family and I thank you for all that you have given us father and we thank you for allowing us to grow in your name...

Grateful this morning for a great church.

Grateful this morning for a God fearing man that loves and appreciates this new and improved woman that I have become.

Grateful this morning for my 3 kids that love their mama and makes her feel loved.

Grateful this morning for a God who works in my heart daily..Slowly making me THE WOMAN HE CREATED ME TO BE. 

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  1. My friends and family continues to be a blessing in my life. They always remind me to look forward and stay positive. When I was in pain struggling to get up out of bed, I was so very thankful for simple words of support from the people who loved me. If you need to, Seek the wisdom of others who have been through a storm like yours. Until we meet here at the blog again, God Bless.