Wednesday, July 19, 2017


My son Patrick has a performance this weekend and he often worries and doubts his abilities during a time such as this. As his mother I always try to reassure him that he will do great and his music will flow through his trumpet with ease. We prayed for guidance this morning and I slowly started to see his worries and fears disappear. I kept reminding my son that he had mentally and physically prepared for this event and no worries were necessary.


                       NO WORRIES

So, I would like to ask the readers here today to say a little prayer for my trumpet player Patrick. He will be performing this weekend. All I want is for him to enjoy himself and enjoy the gift of playing the trumpet that God has blessed him with. No worries! 

I declare right now today that my son Patrick will have a bountiful of blessings from this day forward. Through playing his trumpet he will uplift, inspire and change the world. Do you have a loved one that is about to perform and maybe has some fears? I share the same advice that I gave my teenage son. Pray and focus and believe in your own abilities.

Today I want for you to pray for guidance, Desire to be inspired and then go out and
 inspire those that the Lord has
 placed in your life.


                       NO WORRIES

Hope today's blog post has helped you. I will be praying for you.

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  1. I just love this beautiful son of mine. His actions and his words shows his love for the Lord. He is so gracious and humble and loves our Lord. He is so encouraging to my spirit! I thank God for him and for His Holy Spirits work through him! I'm grateful that he continues to honor his mama and is answering his calling, praise the Lord.